Plymouth has a working waterfront in the modern sense: whale watching, charter fishing, restaurants, motels and shops all cater to the town’s visitors.

Cape Cod Canal

With its impressive engineering, its succession of bridges, the concentration of traffic, even the streetlights lining its banks, the Canal possesses a quirky industrial charm.

World’s End

The way into Worlds End is narrow and a bit twisty, but the channel intuitively follows midway between the two shores and it’s well marked, though unlit.

Spectacle Island

With panoramic views of the Boston Harbor and an accessible lifeguarded beach, Spectacle Island is ideal for outdoor adventures or a relaxing day by the sea.

Peddocks Island

Both serene and historic, Peddocks Island is known for its rich biodiversity and is home to Fort Andrews.

Georges Island

The graceful granite archways of historic Fort Warren will greet you as you arrive for your visit to Georges Island. This Civil War-era fort is the main attraction of Georges Island and it is sure to bring out your inner history enthusiast.

Bumpkin Island

With flowers that line its walking trails and beautiful slate and shell beaches, Bumpkin Island is the ideal place to relax in nature.

Thacher Island

Thacher Island gets its name from one of the earliest and still more poignant shipwrecks on the Massachusetts coast.


The most famous voyage into Salem harbor is that of Nathaniel Bowditch, commanding a three-master homeward bound from Sumatra. Crossing the rock-strewn waters of Salem Sound, even in clear weather, should inspire appreciation for the navigators of Bowditch’s era.


Rockport seems to exist just this side of magic realism. A narrow cut between rocky headlands provides the setting; a man-made breakwater forms the harbor.