Bumpkin Island

With flowers that line its walking trails and beautiful slate and shell beaches, Bumpkin Island is the ideal place to relax in nature.


From Boston Harbor Islands: With flowers that line its walking trails and beautiful slate and shell beaches, Bumpkin Island is the ideal place to relax in nature. This quiet island was once home to Native Americans and later hosted fish-drying and smelting operations before a children’s hospital was founded on it by Boston philanthropist, Albert Burrage. Today, Bumpkin Island serves as a camping destination. Visitors can enjoy the serenity of nature, or explore the remains of an old farmhouse and children’s hospital. The island is an easy kayak trip from Hingham or Hull.




The biggest question approaching Bumkin under sail is the timing of current in Hull Gut. It’s a long way here from Boston’s inner harbor, almost 10 miles, and if you’re fighting the current in both directions, it can be more than a day’s trip for a engineless sailboat, or a lot of tedious motoring for an auxiliary outboard.

For a discussion of Hull Gut currents, see Peddocks Island.

Not for navigation
Not for navigation


There are two possible anchorages off Bumkin. North of the island, in Hull Bay, there is plenty of room in 8 to 12 feet at low. It’s reasonably protected in summer weather, but a long way around to the dock on the south side. Favor the island shore going in to avoid the unmarked 2 foot rock approximately 1/4 mile off the island’s northwest corner.

It’s possible to anchor on the south side, to the east of the dock, on the narrow shelf of 7 to 8 foot water between the island and the channel. There is current here, flowing to and from the marshes in Hingham Harbor and the Weir River. We’ve dragged on a (carelessly set?) Danforth.

Moorings & Slips

Bumkin has no moorings or facilities for extended tie-up. The pier is for drop off and pick up only.


Not for navigation. Charts are not updated. 



No facilities or services. 


Boston Harbor Island National and State Park

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Bumpkin Island

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