Weepecket Islands

If you're passing by with time for lunch and a swim, or you need to get the kids ashore, stopping here can be the perfect answer.


Low, rocky, and mostly unremarkable, the Weepeckets are not so much a group of islands as they are a series of ledges, in places topped with scrubby vegetation or thinly rimmed with sand.

They reach almost two miles north from Naushon Island into the southeast corner of Buzzards Bay. This puts the Weepeckets close to the route of a boat crossing the Bay headed to or from Woods Hole, and they are only a slight diversion for a boat beating from the Canal down to Cuttyhunk or Quicks Hole.

If you’re passing by with time for lunch and a swim, or you need to get the kids ashore, stopping here can be the perfect answer. Plus it’s a great excuse to sail close aboard the beautiful Elizabeth Islands’ shore.

📷 Geoff Rand
A Sunday afternoon off the Weepecket beach.
📷 Geoff Rand
Anchoring off the beach.



The Weepeckets rise fairly abruptly from water over forty feet deep on all sides. The only potential hazard in the vicinity is Weepecket Rock, covered by eight feet at low and marked with a red gong. (It’s just off the accompanying chart, to the northeast).

The gong can be hard to pick out from the dark shore on Naushon if you’re approaching from the north, but it emerges clearly once you get close.

Not for navigation


The beach on the east side of the main island extends into a moderately sloping shelf. There’s room here for at least a half-dozen boats to anchor in less than twenty feet, in sand.

The anchorage is nicely shielded from the prevailing southwester, but it’s exposed from the north around to the southeast. The Weepeckets are an attractive daytime anchorage, but nearby Hadley’s, even the outer harbor, is a better alternative for overnight.

Moorings & Slips

There are no moorings, docks, or slips.


Not for navigation. Charts are not updated. 

Going Ashore

Dinghy in to the beach.

A sign posted by the Naushon Trustees, who own the islands, welcomes visitors provided they follow the common-sense courtesies expected of those who land on private islands, including no fires.

As with most Naushon properties where visitors are welcomed, access is limited to the beach.

The sand here slopes gradually into the bay, the surf is mild, and the water is relatively warm, making this a good spot for the little ones.

Our daughter has found a variety of interesting shells here to decorate her sand sculptures.

📷 Geoff Rand
Looking inland from the shore line.
📷 Geoff Rand
Dogs are permitted on the beach so long as they are leashed. This dog apparently thought he was invited into the picture as well.

One Hour Ashore

A picnic lunch, a swim, maybe a sand castle?

Maritime History

According to Wikipedia, the islands were used for target practice during WWII and the following decade. 


Facilities / Fitting Out

There are no supplies or facilities.






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Weepecket Islands

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